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Many rural shelters do not have the necessary staff or funding to provide adequate space, medical care and adoption capability for the number of animals they receive. Saving highly adoptable companion animals that are to be euthanized in such shelters is R.E.D.'s top priority. We also assist ownerless adoptable companion animals, which are in high-risk situations due to no fault of their own, and medically needy adoptable companion animals. R.E.D. Alert, publicizes the plight of such animals and searches for alternate rescue solutions via the internet. This is often the last chance they have at life.

If you would like to adopt or save an animal presently on R.E.D. Alert, please read the instructions on the animal's profile and act quickly. Time is running out, so making the correct contact quickly is critical.

RED ALERT, 10/01/04
Lewis County

Faith IS IN R.E.D. Home Foster Care. She Still Needs An Adoptive Home!!!
The Lewis County Shelter is full. This is Faith and she is a shelter favorite. She is a retriever mix and has a way of winning hearts with her sweet loving personality. She has a gentle kind nature and has done well with the dogs...

Max Was Adopted From The Lewis County Shelter By A Private Party That Heard About Him Via RED Alert.
Max the Rottweiler is about 5-6 years old and already neutered. He was a shelter staff favorite due to his people loving nature...[READ MORE]

RED ALERT, 10/01/04
Local Shelter

He is a friendly, playful, and active dog who gets along well with other dogs. He is quiet and content when he is with people...[READ MORE]

RED ALERT, 10/01/04
EW Shelter

Monte Is In Foster Care With Bulls Eye Dog Rescue!! He Still Needs An Adoptive Home!!!
He arrived at the shelter with his throat slashed. He needed a foster home and urgent medical care if he was to get another chance at life...[READ MORE]

RED ALERT, 10/01/04

These Puppies Found Safe Places In A Public Shelter!!!

These three 9 - 10 week old puppies are safe

Click here to see larger image.

RED ALERT Medical Emergency, 06/26/04

Jennie has been adopted to her forever home!! Special thanks to all that helped save this special puppies life!R.E.D. is sent a plea to the public for help for this little puppy. She was found wandering alone and severely injured in a remote area. The clinic and local shelter made a call to R.E.D. to ask for help for this injured tail-wagging baby.

Jennie Today
Look at Jennie Now!
Here is Jennie today happy, healthy and with 4 legs to run with joy on! RED wishes Jennie and her new forever family a wonderful life together!

R.E.D Alert Success
See some of the animals already saved by R.E.D. Alert click here!

Delyla at Bremerton Animal ControlR.E.D. Alert is often the last chance they have for life. We publicize their plight via our email R.E.D. Alert Rescue Chain and on this website. These life-saving messages search for alternate rescue and adoption solutions via the internet.

To join the R.E.D. Alert Rescue Chain email:!
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